Congress Classes 2021

Schedule of 2021 Classes

Wood River Baptist District Congress of Christian Education

Schedule of Classes

July 12-16, 2021



Certified:  Course #                   Course                                     Instructor

                      1001               Introduction to the Bible      Sis Ann Bragg

Course Description: This course introduces the student to the Bible as a whole. Students will be exposed to a comprehensive analysis of the 66 books of the Bible.

                      1079               Survey of John                        Sis Victoria Caldwell

Course Description:  This course will focus on the fourth Gospel and its uniqueness. Students will identify the specific features that characterize John’s gospel and that distinguish it from the Synoptic Gospels with emphasis on John’s writings and the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Online Option  4012         Doctrine of the Holy Spirit     Rev Joe Williamson III

Course Description:  Students will study the person and work of the Holy Spirit. This study will include a thorough look at the corresponding doctrines that impact our understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit. The student will be able to clearly identify this doctrine of the church with holistic understanding of salvation, and with special emphasis on justification, redemption, and sanctification.


Online Option   Music in the Black Church  Rev Orville Jones Jr &  Sis Barbara Miller- Little

Course Description:  Students will study different styles and forms of Gospel music from slavery (Old Negro Spirituals) to today’s musical genre. Students will experience hands on experience through use of their own instruments.

Online Option Women’s Seminar: Women of Distinction   Sis Teresa Ransom

 Course Description: This course includes the study of Eve…Traps of the Devil.  Elizabeth…Everything in its season. A Woman with an Alabaster box…Unashamed.

Minister’s Wives   The Faith and Prayers of a Pastor’s and Minister’s Wife: Trusting God With Everything   Rev Samuel Hale


Ministers                                 Pastoral Ethics                           Rev Glenn Shelton


Online Option  Laymen’s Seminar: Study of Apologetics/II         Rev John Buford


Online Option  YOUNG ADULTS (18-25)       Returning to Your First Love: Putting God Back in First Place       Sis DiAnna Thompson



Primary (ages 5-8)       Jonah and The Big Fish        Sis Florine Brooks &  Sis Betty Waters

Junior Girls (ages 9-12)                                                           Sis Teresa Campbell

Junior Boys (ages 9-12)                                                         Rev Anthony Bondon

Teen Girls (ages 13-15)                                                           Sis Yolanda Jones

Teen Girls (ages 16-17)                                                           Sis Jackie Allgood

Teen Boys (ages 13-15)                                                          Rev Joshua Webster

Teen Boys (ages 16-17)                                                          Deacon Mike Guster


Note: Primary class consist of girls and boys together.

Junior and Teen girls will study 11 Corinthians 1:20, entitled God Promised Me…. Junior and Teen Boys will Study Samson and Delilah, entitled Samson’s Strength.